Safaree – Lifeline (Meek Mill Diss) Lyrics

Temperature is rising up
Temperature is rising up, no mercy
Nothing can concern me

(Verse 1)
You dream about Drake numbers in your nightmares
But ya’ll hating about me and my little career
No matter what you buy ni**a I’m right there
I’m in the back of her mind like a new ni**a
I’m everywhere, TMZ making news ni**a
I left and I don’t want it back, the proof is right here
Thank God am free my ni**a s**t fell like a light year
You got a botch face ni**a wit a cute date
This ni**a bent out and s**t wit a gorilla face
My balls on The PinkPrint, no one’ll ever match
My d*ckprint, lil ni**a you can never match
Wasn’t a secret young bull I knew everything
Hope you go platinum my ni**a she need a better ring
I thought I left her so she could move on to better things
Maybe a ball player, maybe a soccer player
Maybe a billionaire, like a Mariah Care
But ni**a I don’t care, I really do not care
They say Safaree heartbroken, let me shed a tear
F**k if you cheated, 12 years a slave anyway

Temperature is rising up, she’s your only lifeline to catch anyway
Temperature is rising up
Temperature is rising up, she’s your only lifeline to catch anyway

(Verse 2)
I hear the mumbling, I hear the cackling
I got em scared, shook, panicking
That’s really my pen game nothing damaging
When you was pulling up, I was pulling out
I know real s**t that I ain’t gonna talk about
I seen the text messages, I seen the emails
Somebody tell me why he talking like a female?
I heard you don’t believe chow you ain’t going there
Well guess what, go to hell how bout you eat there
And every pic you look surprised all you do is stare
You out of shape anyway, you need to eat a pair
Get the f**k off my page, stop watching me
You ni**as ain’t God, ya’ll ain’t stopping me
S**t is inflated, you intimated
I been new why you ni**as waited?
You so calculated
This time this year lil daddy you’ll be emasculated
Sh*t is escalated, go look it up
Lowkey hating on me ni**as obsessed
I ain’t upset, bi**h I’m up next
Ain’t no pillow ni**a is you up yet?
Wanna sleep on me? Get a crook neck
Get a stylist you don’t look dressed
One more year you’ll be stress
Here’s an iron ni**a cause you look broke
Got a mad ex wit her new man but her new man like a mad ex
I’m well known, I’m renown, you Rodman, you a rebound
My words big, you can’t spell
I hold weight like a dumbbell
Wa the bloodcloott do this idiot boy water fresh God your breath smell
I’m going up that’s an incline
If she leave you you going decline
I know s**t kept my mouth shut and you told ni**a that’s a bi**h stunt, straight!
Yeah, I was first you gon be the last
But when future drop, you became the past
Now that I’m gone, good luck with them punchlines
Sincerely yours, Safaree, flatline

Yo, if ya’ll so happy, why ya’ll so worried about me?
Like, I don’t care about ya’ll
You see my new bi**h? Come on