Future – The Percocet & Stripper Joint Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I get mad zooted, I got this bad thing I recruited
My passion is a movie, I say f**k it cause that’s ruder
I stay on Miley Cyrus, every where I go I’m screwed up
I know my Texas ni**as got my back and that’s for sure though
Sipping on Easter Pink like it’s Tangarang lean
We ain’t never gon give this f**king life up
I know the boys saying they getting into the money over there
Baby trust me, these ni**as nann like us
I put charisma in my lingo and she fell for me
I gave her realness, and that’s all she gonna get from me
Bonefide superstar I’m straight up out the hood, uh
I just did a dose of Percocets with some strippers

I just did a dose of percocet with some strippers
I just poured this lean in my cup like it’s liquor
I just need a whole lot of drugs in my system
I just tried acid for the first time, I feel good

(Verse 2)
Treasure bring misery, codeine in my delivery
I pulled up in a big B, swerving like a hippie
Moving with the dopers and pushers
In the Rover ducking undercover, hugging the Interstate
Copping a couple cakes and the drum hanging under me
Got a chain hanging over me, God watching over me
All my angels watch over me, I bag it like groceries
Keep this cash going over me
Got some money all in my hand and I stack it all under me
The young ni**as under me they gon stand up and then do what?
Who built this s**t ground up? At the head of a seminar
I talk for the real ones, I talk for them ni**as
They feel this sh*t out in Belgium
Freeband Gang

(Repeat Chorus)