Dej Loaf – Desire Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I don’t ask no questions
I just handle business
I don’t ask for no favors
I don’t ask for ni**as
Who the f**k asked you ni**as?
Look, I don’t run from no one
Pass me my drink, I’m on one
Real killers moving in silence, Ask Oba, Ask Oba that’s over
Acts over
All of these ni**as be goofy ras
Tell’em known everything moving
I was in lost and I was feeling real groovy
Shoutout my boy Trae he put on for Houston
I say, who want it with me?
Pull up with Benz, got them drummers with me
Ready for war like, who coming with me?
Now goons who feel like what’s the point in living
Ni**as hoes, so what’s the point in tripping
Crack a ni**a head like a fortune cookie
Like a choice pu**y, wet you all with like
Like moist pu**y
My young ni**as look odd to me
Get a hand going for a buck fifty
No thanksgiving, I ain’t ate dinner
I ain’t missing out on no meals
I’m so patient, I’ll wait for it
Cut a ni**a face like seals
I’m so trill chill, I’m so bout it
My music give me chills, ahh
Like damn I’m so little but
I’m feeling like Shaquille O’neal
If I go today, just know today
You were in my will, my fam
My best friend and my godson
He just like my kid…Tristin
I ain’t going back to my old life
I’m in this s**t forreal I’m in it, I’m winning
So if you try to take that from me ni**a
It’s kill or be killed, ahh wassup?
It’s kill or be killed

(Chorus 3X)
I can’t hold back I gotta live life
Go and get everything that I desire
Why you playing with stones?
If you don’t like fire
What’s the point of playing rose
If you ain’t gon own the title

(Verse 2)
Ni**as attention be bad
Look at what they did to them here
Look at what they did to my dad
Ni**as be feeling themselves
I rather feel on myself
Than to let you feel on my ass
I got the chrome and the stash
I’m not no thug, I just know ni**as who best
Woah, hahaaa
You pussies don’t move how I move
I ain’t into flashing my jewels
I ain’t never gon lose
Can’t be like Tim with that two
We got burners and fuel (fuel)
We will do you, we’ll do you, we’ll do you
Woah, hahaaa
We’ll do you, aye, we’ll do you

(Repeat Chorus 3X)