Migos – Just For Tonight ft. Chris Brown Lyrics

Just for tonight, oh
Just for tonight, woooo

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
I want you, you want me
Just for tonight
Only one night
Just for tonight
Just for tonight

I want you baby, you!
And you want me, me
Just for tonight
One night, one night, one night yo

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Look at my charm and baby look at my arm look at it
You know you the bomb, I’mma call you Saddam, boom
I don’t need your phone number, you coming home
You don’t really speak no English baby, where’s you from?
Remind me, hop up in my coupe and let the top back
A night to remember, get your recorder and rewind that
Surrounded by bad bi**hes, baby you the finest
Don’t worry about it, it just mean you on fuego
First night, I was styling, I saw you smiling
When I leave the club on four door, I let you be pilot
When I get you to the room you know that I’mma dive in splash
On the first night, lil mama going in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Takeoff)
Alright lil mama, lil mama said she want your Takeoff
Keep our jet, probably jet taking all me to my lake house
Takeoff ain’t no superman, ain’t no need to bring that cape out
Givenchy my skin is, Versace my sheets when I lay off
I said don’t touch boy, that jersey don’t belong to you
Taking a trip to pick up the set is what we known to do
Tried to wet up my Mulsanne but it was bulletproof
With them choppers, no binoculars, we looking for you
Got your bi**h on my line, she keep calling me
Feel like my shadow when I’m walking, she keep stalking me
Feel like she working for AT&T, she keep texting me
Lil baby tryna get next to me, rubbing all in my jeans and piece, tryna hit the weed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
Just give me an hour, I’ll be the water to your flower
I beat it, I’m killing it, make the pu**y devour
Got me all in your walls, I’m tryna knock down the tower
I’m not really involved with buying gifts and the flowers
She see my diamond it dancing, they globing into your water, like top me off
Tried to kiss me, f**k that, and call her again, she lost
It’s only for one night cause I know that you not really worth it
If I text you tomorrow you gonna be asking for Birkin
Don’t be involved in your feelings cause obsolete bi**hes hurting
I gots to get me a condom cause I don’t want no more garbage
I’m in the Maybach with curtains, she s**k me up like a sherbert
We f**king bi**hes these with the lights on
And we don’t f**k under cover

(Repeat Chorus)