Rick Ross – Wing Stop (Remix) 50 Cent Diss Lyrics

Ay you already know who it is man, Pretty Boy’s on deck
Yeah I said it man. You see a high rise on the left
Shout out to West Oakland. You see the water front on the right
Shout out West Berkeley, we getting it in
Ay man, I do what I want, every day
Ay man, show price is going up, running up
We doing every thing. Yeah like I said man, Pretty Boy’s in this bi**h
Ay man, I know Lil B, you feel me?

(Verse 1)
Flexing Courtney money, and I look like Rick Ross Figaro
Flexing ten bi**hes and you know what it cost
Tiny shirts, tiny pants, b**ches want the boss
I still got bi**hes, I look like Rick Ross Figaro
Flexing Courtney money, bi**h you know what it cost
Shouts out to my girls, I’m gon’ trick all them off
I might just trick on a bi**h right now buy pu**y
I might buy a bi**h, a car or a house I buy pu**y
Fall in my trap, bi**h, you know I’m so foul
F***ed her in the ass then I f***ed her in the mouth
When you getting money, bi**hes don’t make a sound
What bi**h? You’re riding in the coupe Figaro
I know Lil B, he f**ked my bi**h too Damn
I know the Based God but he’s too rad
You ni**as keep stealing swag, f**k you and your money
I’m a pretty b**ch, I’m 2Pac and I’m thuggy

Flexing Courtney money and I look like Rick Ross (8X)

(Verse 2)
Flexing true bi**hes and my life on the edge
Ni**a, Quavo stole my swag, bi**h, I don’t drink beer Figaro
Man, I might put hands on a bi**h right now
Man, I might flash on a f**king bi**h right now
Man, I’m in the strip club stealing money off the floor
Put her in a bad position, take her pu*** and I’m gone
F**k these hoes need to get their priorities straight
Man, I just might take my young bi**h on a date I’m cool
I might take your case, I’m not living straight
Bi**h, twenty grand, so I’m starting to think that I’m Mase Woo
Child support me? Almost knocked the bi**h out
Want a million in back child support? Ho I’m running in your house
Child support me? That’s the s**t you don’t do
A lot of ni**as stole my swag, bi**h you don’t got the juice Woo
Seen a real ni**a, bi**h, I’m living proof
I know Lil B, bi**h, what about you? Based God

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah man, f**k these ni**as you know what I’m saying
Baby momma drama all that s**t man?
I don’t care though, you know we rocking up
You know what I’m saying?
Unsigned ni**a
Twenty grand shows bi**h, you know what I’m sayin?
We ain’t playing. f**k em, Lil B, man, we ain’t doin this
Yahimsayin? Popping up ni**a, every day bi**h
Yup like I said man, shout out to Lil B, we do this here