Omen – Things Change ft. J. Cole Lyrics

(Intro – J. Cole)
Yeah things change, things change
Things change ni**a

(Verse 1 – J. Cole)
Pick up the pen, time to write my sins away
Right my wrongs and then life goes on
Bi**h be calling, then mistakenly ni**as be falling
I f**k them and I leave them, forever picture me balling
With cash that I never had, I’m trying to stretch a million
Hoping it forever lasts, a fear of going broke
Cause most ni**as I know can barely make the car note
Can barely keep the rent paid, so I’m like Da Vinci
Painting pictures to last centuries since like the 10th grade
Carolina ni**a with New York plates
My template, switch states and swerve, mixtapes were served
Get cake, absurd, and has big plates, preferred
You heard, my every word
Potentially can free us all, now that’s a heavy burden
Sometimes I’d rather get some head and watch my wealth grow
Cause things change, am I the same one you fell for?
One side screaming hell no other side holding on for dear life
Lately ni**a I feel like, I ain’t that young frail ni**a that I used to be
Pardon my ways girl, I’m still getting used to me
Cause things change, I’m still getting used to me
I ain’t that old shy ni**a that I used to be
Bi**hes watching ni**as plotting on me, truthfully
Gotta be careful what you wish for, as you can see
Things change

(Chorus – Yolanda Renee & J. Cole)
Things change, it’ll never be the same
I’ve never been the one to settle, it’ll never be the same
Yeah, things change
Nothing ever stays the same, it’ll never be the same
Things change
Nothing ever stays the same

(Verse 2 – Omen)
I told you, raindrops do fall
But see, these clouds ain’t the same that you saw
My memory banks got some pain to withdraw
I am not afraid, I am not unscathed and
Don’t use bandaids but, back in the days I was stressing a grip
The only black in my class wondering, where do I sit?
College campus too fast, now depression exists
Like I’m less than equipped, feeling destined to quit
Then you appeared, made me see myself without a mirror
See, I never shared all the fears of my peers
I’m thinking about this African queen, loved her body
But she’s more than just the back of her jeans, she’s a magical dream
I feel hard with such a frail heart
She taught me that Allah was just her way to spell God
And she was my American pie, so cultured
Her intelligence ahead of her time, looked at my face
And with a smile called me Elephant Eyes, a secret nickname
Always seems to sit on my mind, cause I guess it reminds me of you
Which reminds me of love, which reminds me of truth
Which is all the above, recently liquors in my body, it’s all on my tongue
I’ve changed into something they thought I’d never become
Gave you my food for thought, it’s more than a plate of soul food
If you wanna change, gotta escape your own rules
Things change ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)