Beenie Man To Vybz Kartel .. I Am KING of Dancehall

Beenie Man says that he is the reigning King of the Dancehall and he is back to reclaim his throne.

The Doc is fresh off a successful performance at last week’s Reggae Sumfest where he closed the show. But after loosing some traction in dancehall to incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, Beenie says that he is back to sit on his throne.

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“Who say dem a run the place, nah run the place,” Beenie said. “And the man who ah run the place, caan really run the place. You have to represent musically and visually in the world of dancehall.”

While acknowledging that Vybz Kartel made some serious inroads in dancehall in recent years, Beenie Man said he alone cannot carry the banner for the genre.

“You have to respect Addi work ethics, but him alone caan move dancehall forward,” he said. “The king caan allow the general fi run the army. Mi run the place already and mi a go dweet again.”

Beenie Man has been seeing a resurgence of his career in recent weeks with several new tracks bubbling on the airwaves. He also has collaborations with a number of international stars including Azealia Banks, Ty Dolla Sign, Jeezy, Jeremih and British rappers Konan and Krept.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prion for a murder conviction. His very vocal fans thinks that he is the the King of the Dancehall.

Who do you think is the true Dancehall King, Beenie Man or Vybz Kartel?

Sound off in comments below.

Vybz Kartel before prison photos


  1. To tell the world the truth vybz kartel is the king there is no other do wat he dose

  2. Morpheus Dreamweaver

    Lyrically: Papa San, Phillip Levi Vybz Kartel and pon de outside Professor Nuts

  3. none of them is pssssh

  4. Vybz kartel is da king of dancehall! Beenie had a title at one stage, but when dancehall was dying out remember kartel came an took it from 2000! Besides dat alkaline n dem man r jus using kartel style! So what if kartel bleach thats his choice, bet most of you still listen to him tho.. Every time a riddim come out funny how kartel has the beat version! If nuh kartel mavado is killin it str8!

  5. Junior Lee Benjamin

    where was beenie man while all these new artist had the place lock with the music …… i have nothing against beenie man i respect him and i like his music but to come out just like that lol

  6. Junior Lee Benjamin

    vybz kartel is the king of dancehall even though he is in jail the man is still making music is that even possible nooooo but yet he is that is a true king #RESPECT

  7. Beenie Man is a great and I mean great artist without question but let it be known he will NEVER be as gigantic as Vybz Kartel. Beenie is the King Of Dancehall and Kartel is The World Boss. Kartel lyrically will always have the dominance edge over Beenie. Kartel forming the Portmore Empire aka Gaza was a pivotal move plus his influence to buss nuff young artists which at one time shell the whole entire dancehall movement to the point where even the same Beenie go voice Ah Gaza Mi Seh. Beenie say him is the King but who him ever take under him wing and help nurture their career/s? None. QUOTE Adidja Palmer = DANCEHALL AH MI EVERYTING!!!!! Straight.

  8. If a nuh world boss than a who…………one king one throne an the boss thing large

  9. Pedro Glorious Johnson

    I will always respect beenie man for what he as done for dance hall music and for jamaica he is truly a legend. However, we cannot deny addi as being the ruler of dancehall right now, addi as done something no other entertainer as done and that is to control the dancehall space even behind bars and that gives him the edge over beenie man

  10. Kartel is the best lyricist of our lifetime. but from 2009 to now a lot of his music is garbage at least 60%…He still to me is the Dancehall king


    Please Urban Islandz mek beenie man know this.. no matter how hard him try the hype thing poor people don’t know it, Vybz Kartel sing for us the people not hype everyday Vybz Kartel for the Youth’s The Future our Bob Marley Im Sorry Beenie!

  12. there only one king of dancehall on is vybz kartel noother but kartel is the number one king of dancehall

  13. Beenie You a once up on a time… Vybz Is King

  14. Beenie him ah general fih army but World boss ah king,the general have to protect him King.

    • King’s don’t rieign eternal…..
      Only Jesus, King of Kings reign eternal

      Vybz Kartel is the current King of the Dancehall


  16. Two great artiste but I would say beenie is the King due to his longevity and consistency. However there is no denying that kartel a run dancehall right now.

    • nuttin nuh wrong with that, biggup beenie. but teacha’s been running it consistently since his feud. ever since he rose to prominence, i dont remember a point where he fell short and there was another name running the place. since mid 2000s i havent heard another name aside from kartel that run it more than teacha. ever since he started dominating, he never dropped the pace. he’s like the dancehall bolt? who’s the competition?

  17. Kartel ar d king fi dancehall, free Worlboss Gaza fi life, big up d dancehall hero (Kartel) str88

  18. Richie O Williamson

    Shabba ranks no man ever took dance hall as far as him.

  19. Betweeny man bad mind fi real.him bad mind shabba recently..karle ah run di place

  20. Its not only beenie man alone bad mind VYBZ “THE KING” KARTEL, but remember aidonia say “people (we Jamaican) must be fair because he is in the same league as Vybz kartel”…stop being bad mind and work Unnu way to the top so people can recommend Unnu n stop recommend Unnu selfl


  22. Toya LattyKk Stephenson

    If you are the King, why would you need to walk around saying “I am the king, i am the king”. If you are the king papa it should be evident to one and all…

  23. Beenie man you are a good artist n i respect you . but worl boss is the Genghis khan of dancehall on that mean universal ruler of the gener OK .

  24. Yellow man was the original king of the dancehall until pork head Beenie man badmind him the way how Beenie bad mind people all man weh deh a jail him badmind . Kartel can’t be king a dancehall because him f..k Batty ever body see the picture dem .maybe he is a king Ina jail

  25. Beenie man a di greatest him cah sing anything but addi bad him have him time

  26. Addija Palmer is behind Bars and he still runs the Road, it only proves n shows how much you are intimidated by his work ethics and the fact that his has put Dancehall where it is but yes of-course “not alone” but him being a major figure in the past years and more to come we may agree to cal him the King. #VYKING #FREETHEWORLDBOSS

  27. Yellow Man

  28. Beenie Man is the King of the Dancehall. Beenie set the trend suh weh uno a ball bout. Zaga fi life. By d way big up d World Boss

    • You all keep talking about bad mind…like seriously. 4 what? Kartel a wi Dj and dat caah change but Beenie Man is the King of the Dancehall. Nuh bad mind nuh in a d ting.

  29. Beenie Man for sure! Vybes could be the king of dancehall at his prison. Dance in the shower while holding the cake soap.

  30. Vybz kartel is the King of Dancehall… Beenie u’r not intelligent enough to write hitz simple put…

  31. There can only be one king of the dancehall and that is Vybz Kartel the world boss. So shut your mouth Beenie bout king.

    • Beenie ah di king kartel nuh do much plus him inna jail so you shut yuh rass trap.

      • So the King can’t get Exile……Remember Kingship is a temporary position, there is only one Eternal King, and that is Jesus.

        Other than that, David give the Kingdom to Solomon,
        But Kartel tek the Kingdom from Beenie….. Nuh mek it be a bloody takeover.

      • Just like how you inna exile……. one thing you are correct about is GOD is the only king.It’s gonna be you alone inna the bloody takeover just like the bloody takeover kartel try to do that’s why him inna jail house.You soon join him yuh rass idiot.