Young Thug – I Need Chickens Lyrics

I buy rollies in LA worth a milli
She running low and she need it, I know she willing
I keep my bankrolls, I don’t treat her like she kidney
Home of the falcons no football
I need them chickens
Bae, I need chickens
Mama, I need chickens
I need some chickens

(Verse 1)
Bae asked if I was hungry, only if you stop and get it
Diamonds pinker than a pony, running with 26 chickens
I’mma stunt on my neighbors, kids see me on cable
Thick drink, purple maple, I coulda went and bought some acres
Pull up swagging, no blazer, cooking dope with a apron
Getting numbers to the pager, know no cop then we don’t save m
Draw down with the pistol then erase em
Ni**a soo high they need a fantasia
I need a brown ho like a baby
I’m a hated baby with rabies
I ain’t talking to the boxer when I say A.B
Aye she go’n open up and then jerk me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Plug, plug, putting them birds in the box
Putting them birds in the truck
Stuff that lil muthaf**ka down, stuff that lil b**ch to the ground
When I pull up to the town, know that I got myself pounds
Rounds, I’m gonna gun his ass down, f**k all your hoes in one round
Burr, burr, burr, burr, burr, burr
I’mma pull up high like I took a shroom
B**ch I’m super fly like a witch with a broom
Thugger Harry Potter fly, boming soon
My ni**a just walked in like he in this bi**h
No snitching we lead him in a ditch
Tampered with, ya dig?
Take his bi**h, ya dig?
F**k his kids, ya dig?
Shoot his wig, ya dig?
I know I

(Repeat Chorus)