Future – Rotation Lyrics

I had to spank lil shawty with my jeans on
And I had my pistol in my pocket
Can’t trust none of these bi**hes, gotta be cautious
Can’t trust none of these bi**hes, gotta be cautious
I bought all the sodas at the gas station
I just put a famous bi**h on rotation
I just put that famous bi**h on rotation
I just put lil shawty out on probation

(Verse 1)
Paranoid, pull in the garage, one in the head
I’m on hydroponic ni**a, full of bars and that red
I’m in camouflage and I fell in love with this bread
I don’t ordinary no type of ni**a, I don’t beg
I thought I keep that tool on me everywhere
Spent a couple mill on my b**ch last year
I just put a new whip on the E-way
Then I ran my bands back up like a relay
Certified junkie
I just pop the tag on the bands, it was Monday
I just keep that bag on me now, at least 100
I be on them Xans and that Molly, I ain’t fronting

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yeah, I fell asleep with that paper
Brooooo, I can’t tell you bout no capers
I just took the middle man off
I go Corleone bout the check
I was getting dome with a Tech
Bi**h, you ain’t gon get no extra parts pulling no faggot move
I just called my contractor, told him “build another pool
One sitt in the back, one by the living room
I keep all my jewelry at the bank now
Alexander McQueen’s therapeutic
B**ch, I’m getting the same money as Cam Newton
Ask me how it feel to be a millionare

(Repeat Chorus)

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