K Camp – Room 1102 Lyrics

(Intro – K Camp)
6:02 Cali time, 9:02 Atlanta time
I ain’t getting no sleep

(Verse 1 0 K Camp)
Operation shut the block down cause they snoozing
Am I the only ni**a that don’t like the taste of loser
Mind on the money, 285 cruisinG
Please don’t act surprised, you know exactly what I’m doing
Had another here, take it to the head
Sick of playing games, I’m just tryna paint the city red
I forgot her name but I left in my bed
But she don’t want me, she just wan’t me for the bread
I make it easy, I make these b**ches wear my logo
She came to party and make it easy with that coco
Baby I
I will not go-go, too much be riding on that dough, dough
So many hating, I got the city ridin’ with me
I don’t know what they want, I just feel like they don’t get me
I don’t know what I did, to have the tables turned against me
I’m just easing the pain, I bought some Louis and some Finny
I been insane in the brain, and I just spit it like a AK
I stayed in my lane, until it turn into a payday
Life in a vein, shout out to Hollywood baby
You ni**as lame, and everything you do is cliche
I speak for the real, I had to start a class early
I got your girl going up, and coming down like a burpee
Ahead of my time, and I ain’t showing ni**as mercy
Ahead of my time, I been up eating up thirsty

(Chorus – K Camp)
Can’t understand why my hearts so cold
Shawty got a love, that’s as pure as it go
Shawty got a love that’ll reach your soul
Too busy tricking off with the hoes in the road
When they don’t mean nothing but a f**k or two
I’m just tryna tell you that I f**k with you
When I’m gone wondering who is f**king you
There for the moment like a substitute

I don’t know) You don’t know how much I’ve done
To what? To get where I’m at
Straight up) And you don’t know how much I’ve done
To what? To stay where I’m at

(Verse 2 – K Camp)
According to the sunrise, the bi**h hang around could be the fun guys
And when I say fun, yeah she entertaining
She gonna get the best head, let me explain me
She gonna take it out the blood, I’m feeling I’m heroic
Every time she spit, I call her a poet
Shawty want shots, I told her to pour it
A ni**a keep calling, I tell her ignore it, ay
Back then they call me count 9 ways
Vet on the team and I’m still making plays
Bi**hes know I’m clean like some brand new J’s
A hundred dollar shirt and some gold Cartier
Four hundred plate comes to eating cause I’m paid
Or maybe cause I made it
Or maybe cause they hate it, tell em ni**as save it
I am that ni**a, I am that ni**a you know
I’m thinking bigger, I’m thinking bigger fo sho
I’m getting richer, I’m getting richer ohh
I got my mama, I got my sister fo sho
I got no hope in you dummy ass ni**as
The shade that you throw, got sticked like a sticker
Only got 1 purpose just like a kicker
So went on you ni**as, I’m going gorilla
I’m trilla

(Outro – K Camp0
Its real that you get ni**as in the game
That teach you the guide
That want you to succeed in the game
I can’t vouch for most of these
Ain’t really who I thought they was
Sh*t is part of the game
Better get in this motherf**ker and learn how to play
For real