Ryme Minista – Guh Liddung Lyrics

Send bwoy fi guh liddung
Wi a send bwoy fi go liddung
Yes man press button
Likkle fool weh mi si the don a gi gun

Send bwoy fi guh liddung
Crush Road, send bwoy fi go liddung
Dem cyaa build paw no corner
Paw no bomboclaat endz dem cyaa sit down

(Verse 1)
Mi bomboclaat, mi nuh have no mercy in a mi heart
Black version a sturry up
Ravers load up the A1 bammer
Rifle thing hurry up
The tek9 clip dem double up
Watch dem a dark yard and a shuffle up
Dem know mi wi chop up dem bomboclaat
Like goat when hi curry up
Run up in a mi gun if you think it naw buss
Meck mi unleash the taurus
A nuh Riley, mi nuh smiley
Wrecking ball like f**king Miley Cyrus
Or if you waan yo family minus
Gallang go do the maths the side buss7
Don’t really wanna invite us

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi ready fi crush road
Santa Cruz like how the bus load
31 paw mi side till the clip a expose
Meck mi light up the place meck the matic explode
Matic in a hand yeah a the dress code
Gyaldiville, Junction, a the best road
Wi crush road when wi touch road
And wi nuh brat bwoy caw wi nuh bruk bone

(Repeat Chorus)