Nico & Vinz – That’s How You Know Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Nico)
You were big city living girlfriend like Eva Mendes
Until your side chick called you up
Saying that she might be pregnant
Now you’re alone and crying inside, you’re slowly dying
Cause Magic Mike just got your key

(Chorus – Nico & Vinz)
That’s how you know you f**ked up
That’s how you know you f**ked up
That’s how you know you f**ked up
That’s how you know you f**ked up

(Verse 2 – Bebe Rexha)
You were the man in college got a degree in awesome
And had more zeroes in your bank than all the Matrix coding
Now you’re in your mama’s basement
Cause you spend every paycheck
The IRS your new best friend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Vinz)
Ha, oh
You had it going for you moved out to California
Got lost in money, drugs, and women now for all your dollars
Now Nico’s unemployed and Vinz’s love for coke destroyed him
So now we back in Norway

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Kid Ink)
Uh, yeah, Kid Ink
You used to be the big spender, grabbing the check every dinner
Showing out to your girlfriend’s best friends
Just so they could wish they was with you wait
You ain’t wanna hit the club but the pressure
Got you out trying to get a table and a picture
Everybody Snapchat pictures
But ain’t nobody trying to drive on the liquor, nah nah
I been getting so twisted, tie-dye, bye-bye
Think we should leave after I pay
But you forgot to save cash for the valet, wait, nah nah