Macka Diamond – Mosquito One Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Pum, pum, a jump
Hey bwoy weh the c**key deh?
Well want a ride do nuh tell mi weh the jockey deh
Long till hi bend suh mi ready fi go slap hi weh
Ready fi go wuk hi from Sunday to Saturday
Hard and stiff you a tell mi seh you got hi deh
Think mi never hear weh you do to dem catty deh
A the real thing a nuh carbon copy yea
Even if you breed mi, mi still naw dash hi weh

Mosquito one, mosquito two
Gi mi the wuk weh meck yo crush up like a callaloo
You have the john, mi have the glue
Fling hi gi mi meck mi back it up paw you

Mosquito one, mosquito two
Mi wi wuk you from yah suh to anna-loo-loo
You have the john, mi have the glue
Wa mi have instore fi you
Man you don’t have a clue

(Verse 2)
Tree trunk mi waan suh nuh come wid no pencil
A nuh restaurant weh you a go wid utensil
DC Washington mi in a room wid Denzil
When mi done wid him, him nervous and a tremble
Mi meck him hide like a fugitive
Never know a suh mi frisky and dimble
Man fi get dem married and a tell mi dem single
Mi a c**key terrorist from salt fish a shingle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Anytime mi hip gyrate pon the thing
Man nuh fi scream, and a bwal and sing
Man haffi buy pretty clothe and bling
Bills dem pay, dem cover everything
Sign over house up a Coral Spring
Buy mi Bentley wid the rims dem a spin
Man a fly from China mister Ching Chung Ching
All the pastor in the church him a lust what a sin

No mi nuh, no mi nuh fraid a no bwoy
Mi wi ride it off and mash it up like toy
No mi nuh, no mi nuh fraid a no bwoy
Man waan a good wuh and Macka gi dem employ

(Repeat Chorus)