Lisa Hyper Ft. J Capri – Touch To Remember Lyrics

Do weh you waan do
A your, your bwoy
Nibble mi, slap up mi
No bother, mi a beg yo

(Verse 1)
Caw this yah, this yah to remember
Call baby youths naw go save her
Mi wi do all the work sit and behave
Beat it like a drum bwoy, beat it like a slave
You fi brave, you fi stand firm like the statue of state
Feel it vibrate
Gyrate, get hyrate
This office naw shot you nuh haffi drive gaze
Mi gi yo the rocking chair fi yo talk bout that
Small like the letter up
Push out back in a the drag top
Seat down drop back
Real badman not like no cop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Coming like a stallion
Caw yo done know gyal tough

Dilly dolly pon it
Caw yo done know gyal rought
Know yo cyaa resist mi body bwoy
Yo know mi body good
Every gyal a tell mi tight but you know mi a the truth
Meck mi fly, meck mi high
Give mi wings, bring mi life
Paradise cyaa compare to mine
Mi have up the supn weh yo like
Good till a bwoy haffi a fantasize
Fi the good, good
Cause yo know mi supn right

Suh just rub up mi body and dem supn deh
This and dem supn deh
Set up dem out fi the night

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
A you mi charge now
Mi property mi want you fi sort out
Paw you, meck mi broad out
A just the way yo stand firm when you attack it from
In a the house all bout
Mi hair expensive but pull it, but shrub it
The oil deh pon the dresser if the wait yo cyaa go through it
No short comings, no belly rubber dubbings
Your time fi shine tonight wi not clubbing
No time fi kissing, no time fi hugging
Yo can start plumbing
Yo gimmi it meck mi start bubbing
Go tell mi when you want

(Repeat Chorus)