Migos – Pipe It Up Lyrics

(Chorus 2x -Quavo)
Pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up
pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up
I walk in the club just to pipe it up
I stand on this stage and I pipe it up
Get a regular ho tell her pipe it up
Go buy a bando then I pipe it up

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Pipe it up, pipe it up, pipe it up
I walk in the club just to pipe it up
She was a basic bi**h til I piped her up
I’m just doing my dab, I called it the pipe it up
They know that I’m having blue Benjamin’s
They know I’m on top of the pyramid
They know I’ma go down in Guinness
All this dab a ni**a drippinG
Piped up in the city
Piped up with yo b**ches
Piped up in Givenchy
Piped up new edition
When a ni**a start talking s**t, gotta pipe up the ammunition
Your b**ch walking around piped up
When she see me, she blowing kisses
Feeling like Aladdin, Quavo the genie
I grant your ho three wishes
You know I do magic, Quavo Houdini
I touch the pack and get it missing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Takeoff)
Broke ni**as still saying turn it up
All my young rich ni**as screaming out pipe it up
Benjamins old they extinct like a dinosaur
Look at yo diamonds, yo diamonds ain’t bright enough
I send the work to get used in a catapult
Play with the dope in the snow like a hockey puck
Pipe it up, pipe it up, no Roddy Piper
They biting the flow ni**a but the Migos got the title
So now ni**as dabbing, don’t know how it happen
I been touchdown on you ni**as ask Madden
Don’t forget bi**h I’m the dab daddy
In stores now YRN fabric
Pipe it up, bi**h it’s gong be the new anthem
I come through swerving in a black Panarama
Pull out the camo when you see me
Christian Louboutin, hopping out that’s an animal
Now remember, fore we made this song, nobody said pipe it up
Next thing we dropping, we gon f**k em up
Have everybody screaming pipe it up
Pipe it up in the club while I’m on drugs
A ni**a f**king up the furniture
Shoot a money ball like Steve Kerr
Pipe it up, I get them pints on reserve

(Repeat Chorus 2X)