Laden – When You Feel Lyrics

Girl when you feel
You want the touch
Keep it real, meck mi touch uyo body up
Oh girl, marvelous
So yo know seh mi happilous
Anything yo want you wi have hi nough

(Verse 1)
So mi want yo bend low wine to the tempo
Six thirty baby touch yo ten toe
Do as I said mi lady cause mi said so
Waan touch up yo body hope mi no offend yo
Have a size ten mi well waan fi lend yo
From mi spot yo out in a the venue
Set that way mi baby mi a beg yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi know shi hype bad
Shi boasty my god
When shi go pon the ground or the pole she wine pon
Waan turn her on like a boasty ipod
How shi buss da style deh all OC quite mad
Well waan warm her up
Would a tek mi time and charm her up
Check mi anytime yo boyfriend gone a work
Mi and yuh a corner up

(Repeat Chorus 2X)