Bugle – Time Lyrics

Mi left them to time
Cause mi naw fight fire wid fire
Time, mi a gwaan fight the wicked wid prayer
Cause time will tell
Time our master
And time do everything
So mi left them to time

(Verse 1)
Member the things weh yuh do yuh a go live after
If yuh do good no expect disaster
True I don’t run down nothing at all
Mi turn down satan big offer
Wid the likkle weh mi have me satisfied
Caw mi out Jah, Jah, first and that is why
Me always stay pon the right path
And mi no business when pagans a talk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From the wicked them mi no waan no comfort
Yeh mi stay focus like a compass
Nough a them love gwaa but mi si seh the gone
And cyaa come back
Lien lips cyaa talk caw wi run that
Blasphemy a no my stile caw mi bun that
Some man weh a rome wid man fi read romans 1
Right now mi done chat

(Repeat Chorus 2X)