Lil Wayne – Psycho Lyrics

Psycho, you got me psycho
Baby come at me I’m not backing down

(Verse 1)
I never knew the girl would have me out here tripping
I thought I was different, I thought I was pimping
I thought I was whipping till that pu*** whipped me
I fell asleep in it like Whitney
I go hard for my baby, psycho ward for my baby
Swipe that card for my baby, body guard for my baby
Bobby Brown for my baby, lock it down for my baby
I knock that pu**y out then I growl for my baby
Even psycho’s need love too, I save all her text messages
I smell her panties while she in the bathroom
And taste whatever she left in them
I take pictures of her when she not lookin
Study em microscopically
Marry me and then bury me and then bury her on top of me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Girl I’m so crazy for you, I left my old lady for ya
Now she done went crazy, you know she be hating on ya
Say she gong be waiting for me, but she gon be waiting
Cuz she know I’m crazy bout you
You got me all psychotic, girl I’m your patient
I’m just tryna kick it with ya, but I don’t even know karate
But I know crazy
Crazy bout her attitude, crazy bout her shampoo
Jealous of her shadow dude, I’m crazy
Crazy bout her vaginal and every other avenue
Jump without a parachute, I’m crazy
Shoulda said I never do, if she says pleasure boo
Then it’s my pleasure boo, you ain’t gotta never move
Looking all edible, and I’m ready when you’re ready to
You already knew
Girl you already know I ain’t never letting go
I ain’t never letting go
Addicted to your love a motherf***er need a
Your gon have to cut me off with a sword
And if you ever leave me I ain’t leaving nothing but a note
While I’m hanging from the second floor
And when you don’t come home then its vroom, vroom, vroom
Ni**a riding round checking doors, oh lord

(Repeat Chorus)

I never knew a girl would have me out here tripping
I thought I was different, I thought I was pimping

(Repeat Chorus)

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