Lil Wayne – My Heart Races On feat. Jake Troth Lyrics

(Chorus – Jake Troth)
When this world comes crashing
And time flies right past us
Love only lasts if my heart races on
So I step on the gas, burning faster and faster
Cause love only lasts if my heart races on
I’m racing on it, on
I’m racing on, if my heart races on

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
Uh, I’m priceless, remember me like they remember the Titans
Reality bit me and continue to bite me
Got no degree but where I’m from, that’s the original climate
Where you can’t tell a fiend a crack rock isn’t a diamond
Hold on, Lord if my Bugatti come to a dead end
I’ve already been everywhere except heaven
And tomorrow’s not promised, when I’m gone but not forgotten
I hope my homies calming down my momma, Lord
I guess I’ll see you on that other side
Where the flowers never die, the angels never lie
Yeah, the revolution will be televised
I just hope my contribution will be memorized
Oh, momma hate I got my daddy’s eyes
Never looked into my daddy’s eyes, he ain’t have the time
F**k him, the revolution will be televised
I just hope my contribution will be memorized

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Wayne)
Uh, Tunechi you an angel
Must be here for a reason, and that might be the main one
F**k it, I’m making money before making changes
I sold my soul to the devil, he bought it then exchanged it
F**k it, I’m working bi**h, I know you see me working
Searching for better days, before a better person
I’m perfect, just ask my bi**h and she’ll say that’s so urgent
I purchased, my children gifts and I just keep the curses
Yeah, my heart right and my head ain’t, cause I’m never in my right mind
But I’m Einstein when I do think, and I grew wings
If you catch a feather just keep it, and I’ll be racing on
No short cuts, no cheating

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Wayne)
This morning I woke up on my good side
Life is just a race against time so have a good time
Heart racing, thoughts racing, competition, goodbye
I turn around, run backwards to see what second place look like
Oh Lord, what are we running from?
The police cause they already killed enough of us
Stay out them streets cause they don’t f**k with us, they hunting us
We in a race against racists, that’s a color run
I keep my feet above the ground, we gon run the town
Heart racing on, beat, beat, beating, knock and pound
Love marathon, getting deeper by the mile
I see no finish line, on your mark, set, pow