Lil Wayne – Living Right Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
Ni**as that’s me in that nice ass house
Butt naked bi**h with a nice ass
Walking around saying you got a nice ass house
My phone keep ringing though, my bad
I think my girl got me on Spycam, now
My homies call cocaine white trash
Charge you double just to take my trash out
I can not f**k with you bi**h, cause you gon get a ni**a busted
Worrying bout the wrong things while I’m hustling
Put the d**k up in your mouth while it’s running bi**h don’t ask no questions
Soon as I heard they said young ni**a killed it
Cause I go too hard I eat beats, mmm scrumptious delicious
You chewing your kidneys I hope you see blood in when you pissing
And we run up in your house on Christmas, and don’t ask no questions
Just shoot whoever’s present, why they open their presents up
Please Lord forgive me, I just talked to my reverend
Asked him if I’m the devil he said that’s these bi**hes
See I’m from New Orleans, that b**ch is infested
Shoot out like the Westerns, kill you and your bestie
Pay ni**as to do it correctly, two ninas they lesbians
I gotta shoot you with both or else one would get jealous
I make money not exceptions, take pills like breath mints
She just get d*ck and refreshments, free all my dogs in corrections
We all we got don’t need extras, we don’t expect s**t
We don’t get mad over pu**y, I’m probably lying in some pu**y
While fools out here dying over pu**y, and that’s what I don’t understand

(Chorus – Lil Wayne)
Cause a young ni**a living right
Young ni**a living right
Ni**a yeah a young ni**a living right
A young ni**a living right
Don’t get me wrong, I had to get it right
But now a young ni**a living right
Bi**hes see me and start getting right
Because they know a ni**a living right
You see

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
Standing on the top I got a
Lot of observations
Young ni**a lot of options
You, you
Running through a check
Buying all the champagne, been blowing up the net
And setting all the trends, showing ni**as what’s next
I was drinking coffee, smoking weed on the jet
Probably with your wifey, getting her back for pillow talk, but we ain’t talking
Getting top, I’m laying on top, swear to God I had a chopper
Now the gun biz are the friends hopping out of helicopters
I be rolling out the doctor’s wishes
Counting up the money, kicking out the bi**hes
Cause they all up on you but be gone when it get real
Bi**hes ain’t sh*t but a brick to your windshield
Shows in the evening, business meetings in the morning
Goons on deck, don’t make a ni**a sic em on ya
Go, go, go
Ni**as talking s**t gon make a ni**a get pneumonia
Wrist so cold, think it’s sick and got Ebola
Crib so big got a bi**h in every corner
Joint smoke good cause I showed her how to roll it
In the mornings I got meetings with my lawyer
Arguments I’ll never be a part of
Love pu**y and some good conversation
And that money, we don’t ever see a shortage
Ni**a run up on me, he gonna be a goner
Bruce Wayne whip, I got a new favorite bi**h
I got a joint I just rolled, I got a Liu Kang kick
I gotta do it big, it’s just how I do things

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Wayne)
My homie got the pistol and he might spazz out
Light span, mothaf**king light span
That s**t all depend on how tonight pan out
Oh, I said these hoes ain’t right man
I left my shady b**ch, I got a nice tan now
Red bandana in my right pocket
So if I pull the trigger I can wipe that down
I just put my gun up in her Coach bag
I won’t hesitate to pull it right back out
Life Coach, I don’t need no life coach
To coach me through my motherf**king ups and downs
Tell a bi**h don’t ask no questions, my money so old
I tell my new money, respect your elders
I’m starting to get jealous of my own reflection
The young ni**a sexy, a young ni**a healthy
A young ni**a flexing, I’m counting my blessings
Achoo, God bless me, thank you, you’re welcome
I talk to my reverend, asked him if there’s a heaven
A heaven for a G, because me and my gangstas
Done done it all but never tell, he say we already in hell
I said ain’t that a bi**h cause I work too hard
But still thankful as if this sh*t came as a gift
I just pray for my ni**as that’s out there still slanging that s**t
Keep my distance, I can’t take that risk, I hope they understand

(Repeat Chorus)