Chino – Boring Man Lyrics

Girlfriend left me take you from your boring man
You need some good love in your life
Aren’t you tired of the same old positions
Let me take you home tonight, tonight

(Verse 1)
Shi seh him naw gwaan wid nothing
As usual
Shi seh da bwoy deh weh in a the funeral
Mi nuh sorry fi unuh bwoy
Mi sorry fi unuh gyal
To how mi sick mi go a mars go tek weh Bruno gyal
Am a genius, a a visionary
From mi si you face mi know you only getting missionary
So link mi meck mi touch yo spot weh necessary
Yo know mi name, mi good a road, mi legendary
Girl friend him a ramp well lets spite him
Yo need a man in a yo life weh exciting
Me cores yo body, yo cores my skin
Mister rought it up gi you the best riding

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
My girl from mi look in a yo face mi know you locking supn
Bend down like you dropping supn
If you gimmi one time, gimmi one wine
Mi sure the bwoy cyaa get back him supn
Shi seh nine night, bright light, coffin supn
Now shi tell mi seh shi and the bwoy not in nothing
That’s why shi link mi pon the Thursday fi the whapping supn
Nuh bag a long talk, bag a chatting supm
Girl, long time you want da youth yah
Me know nuh boring man nuh suit yo
Him nuh have no style, unuh nuh have no future
Him need fi recamasutra

(Repeat Chorus 3X)