Meek Mill – Lord Knows Lyrics

(Chorus – Tory Lanez)
All I wanted was a new Mercedes
Bending off the corner whipping out the lot, I got it
Women love me but the ni**as hate it
But how can I lose when I came from the bottom
Lord knows, ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows
Ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows
Ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows, ni**a lord knows

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Lord knows I’m filthy rich
All this ice is like 50 bricks
Rap ni**as throwing hissy fits
I give my bi**h a stack just for a Christmas gift
My bi**h so bad she on my Christmas list
Remember I prayed I really wished for this
To get the crib with the maid and with the picket fence
I with some ni**as that remember we took some risks for this
I’m talking risky business flick the wrist
Lord knows that I repent for this
But Lord knows that if I get penned for this
I prolly won’t get home until I’m 56
They said I’m the Messiah, you rappers is liars
I sign up at church just to rap at the choir
They spit my new verse at your wake while you’re lying
The middle of the church at your wake, no I’m lying
I just came from jail, ain’t do no crying
They put me through hell, sharpened my iron
I did my push-ups and roared with the lions
Like hold up, from balling I’m tired
I’m back in this bi**h and I’m back on my sh*t
Man they tell me be humble I’m c**ky as hell
Shout out my bi**hes that answered my calls
When I called to collect cause it got me through hell
Shout out that judge that denied me my bail
It made me smarter and made me go harder
They locked me up and slowed my album up but I did not give up
Cause I knew I would prevail
Came in the game Philly as s**t
Look at these rappers they silly as s**t
I do not know why they be gassing these s**kers
But f**k em because I am not feeling their s**t
Difference between me and most of these rappers
I’m talking about work that I really put in
Talking about pistols I put on my hip
And I’m talking about foreigns I really could whip
That I really done drove
Really was froze in my hood and these bi**hes I really did hit
Really was chose came up from nothing
And now they like how he make millions so quick
I’m in the back and it feel like a sofa
I done seen bi**hes I’m f**king on Oprah
In my new mansion I feel like I’m Sosa
A brick on the table ain’t sniffing no coca
No way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
Ni**as can’t see me with binoculars on
Back of the Maybach, shottas on
And all my ni**as keep choppers on
Don’t reach round me that’s a chopper zone
Every time you be on count, what the topic on?
250 thou what I dropped it on
See y’all think it’s a game til Fox be on
Seeing then momma picking out boxes for ’em
I want everything got my own boxers on
Own headphones to get my popping on
I got my own Pumas that I designed em for em
Steady moving on these ni**as get my boxing on
All I ever hear from ni**as what they prolly doing
But they be really talking bout what I be doing
All black Rottweiler that Givenchy on
Drop top Rolls Royce but the top is on
And the windows down like see y’all later
Mirror tint on that bi**h so you could see y’all hating
Champagne cork pop like we all made it
Ya’ll looking from the sideline we all hate it
Money don’t make it real
Don’t give a f**k if its 80 mil, pu**y
And just cause you got a Bentley
That Bentley won’t make you thorough, pu**y
Still hating me from my city
I’m thinking is they for real, pussies
Cause all I got to say is kill
They’ll come in like Navy Seals
That’s word to my momma, I promise I ain’t doing no block
And we shoot at you robbers and kill all you f**k ni**as talking
Lately I’ve been on this money
Don’t run it back up just to come and put you in a coffin
I heard you said you was running this city
I seen you in traffic and you was just walking
Ni**as be popping that s**t like they with it
When ni**as start hitting all you did was talk it, you pu**y

(Repeat Chorus)