Tyga – Wham Lyrics

I hit the bi**h
I know you feel special

(Verse 1)
Look me in the eyes, I ain’t ever lie
Real killa bees, Wu-Tang bout this West Side
Dominate, make a bi**h woosah, head nod
Never been fake, getting pu**y on the red dot
Red dots, pointing at the bullseye
Looking at moi, it’s a thin line
Got Bobby Brown for a widow, Superman high
Who gon contest I? Light up the Jedi
Came with the booty and some caine, purple on the dank
Dripping my new paint, days, 50 days
Yes I’ll be late, I need dollars andale le le
Andale, all white, Lana Del Rey
Video games, f**king, my life, gotta love it
Nothing above it
Angels and Rolex, a ho fast in public
I don’t shop at Publix
Pu*** with chopsticks, I dug it, I dug it
I’m sober until 10
If she open, I lock it and post bail
I’ma need the helipad when I land
If it’s not there, we back to the crib
That Maybach my limo
So you wanna bang, my ni**a?
Got a piece that’ll bang, my ni**a
Let’s bang, my ni**a
When I finish, take all your bi**hes
Now she telling me all your business

I hit the bi**h with the wham
Wham, wham
Pose like that, just like that
Just like that
That bi**h give me wham
Wham, wham
Tattooed that, bring that s**t
Pose like that
That bi**h give me wham

(Verse 2)
Wham, f**k up the bed
Hole in her neck from the fangs
Pressure and pain, adjust the brains
Rove to the Lamb, my engine the same
Asylum restrained, this ain’t for playing
Put on the mask, now I’m Zoro on the dash
They don’t make em like this anymore, goddamn
I’m pulling up, you would think my first name Dan
Ni**as like damn, load up the pain, no blanks
Got hate, do a stain, pallbearer lifting dead weight
How much you weigh?
On a scale to 98
Keep it one hundred with me like sand on the beach
Need a freak of the week
That’s her sister Anise, keep it G
On some real s**t, ni**as can’t f**k with me
They can’t f**k with me
Wham, wham, more than a man
Who got the keys to the Lamb
Pu*** and cash, hundreds and ass
Pulled out my stash, ni**as got mad
Mad, damn, drunk when I land
Fresh off the plan, T-Raw the ram
Look me in the eyes, I ain’t ever lie

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

You now listening to the sounds of T-Y-G
If you don’t like what you hear
Sit back and shut the f**k up
Oh yeah, and have a nice day