Patexx – Before The Year Dun Lyrics

Tell dem money better run before the year done
How mi fi work when mi cyaa get none
Hungry a bite and the cornmeal done
Suh mi plan fi go tek weh the rich bwoy own

What is it the f**ka dem waan wi fi do?
When wi suh poor don’t even have a clue
Light bill come and Mama next rent due
Nothing naw gwaan suh what the f**k shi fi do

(Verse 1)
Well a just the poor man dem system a bruk
Cyaa get no food and wi cyaa get no work
Seh babylon lion dem system corrupt
But mi copper and leddy dem a get that nuff
Hungry a bite and mi brother dem a yawn
Mama gone hustle from early this morn
Life get rougher than 51 storm
All now mi sit down and a wait pon the corn

Side a dem sign dem waan wi mark X
Ghetto youths fed up and a nuff a dem vex
Cyaa tek the livity, wi cyaa tek the flex
A nuff day mi sit down and a wonder wa next

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No money naw run
And mi seh nothing naw gwaan
We brush dem edges and a we trim dem lawn
Cyaa tell when a money breeze in mi palm
Poor people fed up and a warn wi a warn
Ghetto youth cyaa tek dem f**kery no more
Tired fi hear seh another skull bore
One sweet day wi a go settle dem score
Tek weh dem riches and give to the poor

(Repeat Chorus 2X)