TOMMY LEE — Settling Deportation Case Out Of Court

Tommy Lee Sparta is preparing legal documents to settle his deportation case with the Dominican Government out of court.

Last year February, the dancehall artist was detained upon arrival in the Caribbean island for a concert. He was deported the following day after Dominican authorities says posed a security risk to that country.

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Tommy Lee’s attorney, Bert Samuels, says that his client was held in inhuman condition and was forced to sleep on cold concrete floor despite having an injury from a recent car accident.

“The condition in which he was being held was not suitable and he had to sleep on the cold floor,” Samuels said. “Bear in mind he was suffering from an injury (sustained in a motor vehicle accident) at the time

Samuels also said that the only thing holding up the settling process are outstanding documentations.

“We are the ones that the Dominican Government is waiting on, as we are going all over the place getting the relevant documents together,” Samuels told the Observer.

Tommy Lee fans in Dominica also protested against the government on the day of the incident.