Tiffany Evans – On Sight (Audio) ft. Fetty Wap Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Tiffany Evans)
I can see it in your eyes, boy
And you know you can’t deny, boy
That I know just what you like
So say what’s on your mind, boy
You know I got it, I got it, I got it like that
Make it official, you get it like that
Don’t tell no cause they want me like
Want me, want me like

(Chorus – Tiffany Evans)
Boy don’t be late cause I’ve been waiting
All day, all day, aw yeah
Wanna be my baby
All day, all day
Let me know what’s up, on sight
Don’t hide it no more, on sight
Let me know what’s up, on sight
Let me know what’s up, on sight

(Verse 2 – Fetty Wap)
Now you know it’s on sight
Stop playing while I’m chasing you, baby
Don’t you know I’m tryna bust a move, baby?
Brought my game, leave it at the zoo, baby
Zoovier show you what it do, baby
No games, I’m on sight with you
Get you a coupe with a missing roof
All the things I’ma do to you
Get you a bag just to hold the tool
And you just fell in love with a goon, baby
Christian Loubouting have you walking slow, baby
And you see the way they look at you, baby
I get one for me, I get one for you, baby
B**ches gonna hate, that’s just what they do, baby
I ain’t go new friends, I ain’t got no room, baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Tiffany Evans)
If you wanna be a winner
Put your money on me, I do it big, aw yeah
Like Florida bring the weather
Give it to you, only if you can handle
You gotta be quick on it, bae
If you want me to be bae
Told you the time’s limited
Cause they be on me all day

(Repeat Chorus 2X)