Blak Ryno – Paradise Lyrics

baby, yo pu**y carry mi to paradise
Me and you mi waan, supn in a life
Da body deh a million dollar prize
Me and you, me waan fi si supn in a life
Baby a you fi be mi wife
Me and you, mi waan settle in a life
Gyal yo body right, and yo pu**y tight
C**key fi go in a pu**y
C**key haffi fight

(Verse 1)
Vaseline rub it pon the edge
Cause the last time yo pum, pum, buss mi c**key head
Shi a gi mi some f**k in a the bed
And a whine paw mi c**key till mi bruk in a the head
Right and left, and rubbing on the breast
Shi a gi mi, shi tongue in a mi neck
Then shi seh baby, don’t stop mi waan meck a baby

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fight, that is what mi like
You meck mi haffi tell you
You a squeeze mi pon the bike
Whenever the put it pon the right
Mi go up the in a the belly then buss weh like a pipe
Mi let out the card fi the kite
Shi turn in a monster, shi a mi joy fi the night
She waan me, and she f**k whole night

(Repeat Chorus 2X)