DEVA BRATT — Dancehall Artist On The Run In US

Dancehall artist Deva Bratt is on the run in the United States after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Bratt, who has been based in Florida for the last few years, has his legal troubles grew deeper when he missed a court date earlier this month. A judge immediately issued a warrant for his arrest but cops have been unable to find him ever since.

Deva Bratt, born Sheldon Smith, was to appear in court on a traffic violation in West Palm Beach. The dancehall deejay was pulled over and cited for driving without a valid licence.

Sources close to the deejay, told Urban Islandz that he could be deported to Jamaica upon his arrest or worse case could be sent to jail.

“He could be deported back to Jamaica if he is arrested,” our source said. “He will most likely held without bail also so the longer he is on the run is the worse things get for him.”