O.T. Genasis – Do It ft. Lil Wayne [New Music]

O.T. Genasis teamed up with Lil Wayne on a brand new track entitled “Do It,” produced by Mr. Hanky.

I’ve been thinking bout a couple of things, girl
Legs open, I just wanna get between, girl
Love the way you move your body like that turn up
Ooh damn girl that ass so fat
Back it up, come and ride like a car, girl
Throw it back like it fell in your yard, girl
Go hard cause I know you got a kid, girl
Let these mothaf**kas know who he is, girl
So bad she got you tripping
Don’t f**k with him, he ain’t tipping he broke

O.T. Genasis – Do It ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics

Listen full track below.