Rihanna And Benzema Are Not Yet A Couple, Spotted On Another Date

Karim Benzema is courting Rihanna and manages to score a few dates but they are still not a couple yet, according to our sources.

The Bajan pop star and the French and Real Madrid soccer stud made headlines recently when they were spotted dining in New York and Partying at a club in Hollywood.

“No they are not a couple, at least not yet, they are just two good friends hanging out and having a good,” sources close to the pop star told Urban Islandz.

“In the age of social media two people can’t hang out together as just friends they have to be banging or dating… so the answer is no they are not banging and even if they are it’s nobody else business,” our source added.

Rihanna and Benzema were also spotted dining at Giorgio Baldi along with a couple of friends.

The “American Oxygen” singer is a regular at the Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California.