Fat Trel – BRRRR (Feat. Wale & Rick Ross) Lyrics

They know I run the game there
Nobody did it like me
Lucia know I run the game
Stunna gave me the keys
Puff gave me the keys, my ni**a
I want that old money, ni**a

(Chorus – Rick Ross)
Self made so respect the hustle
Made a hundred million did it off the muscle
Walking Def Jam bi**hes think I’m russell
Pull up on you, BRRRR f**k a tussle
My whole squad be on that kill s**t
My whole squad be on that real s**t
Pull up on you, BRRRR, full clip
My whole squad be on that kill s**t

(Verse 1 – Wale)
Ni**as show you pistols before they could show you love
Miss me with that dissing that issue can get resolved
Double M that been my clique and Ambition ain’t just a song
Live from the, give them bi**hes new life and then I f**k em to death
Not jail this ain’t a test, every move’s a precise and I’m writing finesse
Mad at everyone one of you, be a hunnid or nothing
You ni**as s**k with the syllables, I’m the one with that number two
Rumble you, stomach shot, done with you, not right now
Some of you ni**as… but don’t let the hungry ones you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Fat Trel)
It’s no secrets that you ni**as look like police
A couple figures for every killer, my home streets
Plane landed in Miami I’m the youngest brother
A fat, ugly motherf**ker smoking burning rubber
Police see us they say they need us, but can’t touch us
They want to be us it’s clear to see, it need no discussion
I’m pill popping, I’m asking Ricky which one you f**king?
My plane coming so show me something, I’m f**king rushing
A couple killers say they the realest they really wasn’t
Im from the city…. baby we really pumping
Wayne Perry them bodies dropping we really dumping
Never running that money counting gon keep us coming

(Repeat Chorus)