Laza Morgan Ft Shaggy – Make My Day Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When you walk into the room
You make my heart go boom
All these thoughts came racing in my mind
The way your body sway
Makes me feel this way
All these things you doing to my mind

Just by look, am stuck
When you walk right in my way
Left me with no words to say
Yow no baby

Just by look, am stuck
Damn them curves got in my way
And I hope that you will stay
Right here baby
Cause you just make my day

(Verse 2)
Baby girl just so you know am showing interest
Let me show you how much time I wanna invest
If you were mine I guarantee there’ll be no distress
Just meck me confess, you make my day, you make my day

Got to let you know
But I just need two seconds of your time
I cant let you walk away
Before you hear me say
I been looking for you all my life
Just to look in your eyes and the way that you smile
There’s no way I could let you pass me by

Girl those things can’t be resist
Must admit I’ve been it
Tell me where have you bee all my life
Cause you just made my day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Am happy girl you really brighten up my day
You good for my health just like a one a day
Girl I want you by myself just make it one away
Thoughts keep running to my mind cant figure what to say
Wi a bwoy wi nuh itch wid the gyal thing
From you say ray, wi seh yeah, normal thing
But this yah gyal meck mi cyaa tie mi shoes string
Woman you messing up my swag stop ramping

(Repeat Chorus)