Quick Cook – Go Go Club Lyrics

(Verse 1)
My girl, do what you waan nuh
Do what you choose
Money fi yo pu**y gyal
And you cant lose
The way yo quint it get mi confuse
Mi rather go a Poly royal than watch blues

Mi like how da gyal deh a shake it
Shi meck mi stand up right now pon mi toe tip
And shi like lollipop that mi notice
The way shi lick it meck mi popped out a rope twist

Do what you feel like
If it make you feel right
Gyal you fi whine paw mi

Step in a the gogo club
Every gyal a gimmi love

When mi go in a the gogo club
Mi run tip and dem a switch

When mi go in a the gogo club
Gyal a swing pon the pole

When mi go in a the gogo club
Happiness mi love

(Verse 2)
Center stage mean advance
Every gogo a gi mi lap dance
Mi kyle tick suh mi get weh mi want
If you don’t have no money then you don’t stand a chance
Mi would a bring a gogo gyal a fi mi yard
Tek her to a trip go a Trinidad
Meck shi meet Montana the Trini Gad
Weh gyal a whine soca and dem a gwaan bad
Feel like I throw my catch on you my girl
Feel like I cant get over you

(Repeat Chorus)