Nicki Minaj Afraid For Boyfriend Meek Mill After Gang Fight

Nicki Minaj is afraid for her boyfriend Meek Mill after the Philly rapper got involved in a gang fight while shooting a music video in his hood yesterday.

TMZ posted a video showing the melee where a rival gang member name Louie V Gutta got hit in his face by a pistol. The incident sent a large crowd into a panic fearing that there could be a shoot out.

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Sources told Urban Islandz that Nicki Minaj was planning to visit Meek Mill on the set of the video shoot but has cancelled those plans.

“She (Nicki Minaj) was suppose to make a cameo in the video but that most likely won’t happened,” our sources close to the Trini rapper told us.

“Nicki is not only fearful for her safety but she is also worried about her boyfriend Meek Mill safety because things did get ugly and there have been a lot of threats flying around, something that she doesn’t want to get caught up in,” our source added.

Rapper Louie V Gutta has since responded to the reports claiming that he was not involved in the fight.

“Y’all crazy keep my name out dem rumors…ain’t nun happen 2 me I’m cool lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill rekindled their relationship last weekend after a brief split. The couple performed together at X-Games Austin wowing the audience.

“They patched things up on the phone and then met up and seal the deal like any adults would,” sources told Urban Islandz.