Demarco – Unlock Code Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Alright mi done
Meck wi hold a reasoning
You search up the phone things unbelieving
Caw yo see a bag a fat gyal in a jeans string
Dem a call and a text seh mi a the real thing
But nuff a dem thing deh was before yo
Like when you get a new phone put in yo gmail
Every picture and contacts restore to
Yo too damn insecure, poor you

God know mi naw lie
Gyal a how you get the password?
Shut up yo mouth gyal, meck mi get the last word

Hey a wa yo look in a mi phone fah?
God know a wa yo look in a mi phone fah
Left mi phone a the yard shi search hi cyaa sleep
And a bleach paw mi nadinola
Why yo meck yo likkle heart graze like dover
Dem gyal deh a one f**k dem closer

A wa you look in a mi phone fah?
God know a wa you look in a mi phone fah

(Verse 2)
See the phone deh mash it up, dash it weh
Member me and you did good yesterday
Nuh Saturday when you a whine pon the tan
And seh you love da c**key deh
One Samsung Phone a go meck you unhappy yeah
Big pu**y gyal a that you seh?
Gyal you fi go weh
Better get it in a yo brain me and dem gyal yah never deh
Yo too damn insecure

(Repeat Chorus 2X)