Scubby Ft. Ryme Minista – From Dem Diss Lyrics

Dem know from a war mi nuh mine
Ready any place, anyweh, anytime
Some bwoy talk bout dem bad
Must in a dem bloodclaat mind

From dem diss, a death list
In a yo face shot a twist
When wi a aim wi nuh miss
Head shot wi gi bwoy a nuh fist

From dem diss, wi nuh response
Pu**y meck mi tell you this
You could a run in a the church
You death a my wish
You know mi a real terrorist

(Verse 1)
From dem violate no time wi nuh waist
Like gyal no time wi nuh chase
Fi kill bwoy no time wi nuh gaze
A head shot, a nuh thump in a face

You could a fast like bomboclaat race
Mi lift up the bomboclaat space
Man hot up the bomboclaat place
Somebody haffi sing amazing bomboclaat grace

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Any bwoy violate, dem a get fire pon
A the nine wid the chip mi a fire on
Wi meck bwoy life out like fire on marrow
Fly higher than fly go a Netherlands

Mi a real killers mi nuh bomboclaat liar
Mi have more gun than the bomboclaat buyer
Run out wid the Askelly
Kick hi like a Pellae
Bwoy burn up like bomboclaat fire

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)