Jayds – 50 Shades Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Baby girl you a mi only queen
Cause you pu**y tight when mi force it in
And you call mi name right before you scream
Mi get you wet in and out your dream

Mi meck sweat run down yo sexy body
You don’t just f**k anybody
If dem ask you nuh fi tell nobody
Cause badman is not just anybody

(Verse 2)
C**key big like a pon a rum
Meck you scream like a performer
But a nuh torture
Shi climax like a rocket launcher
Fi tek you from your man is not a robbery
Suh ride mi c**key, you f**k mi properly
Mi seet clear you love mi it nuh blurry
Mi waan you come over in a hurry
Please girl stay with me
Take another shot out a the whisky
Ride the bike fast, ride it Whisky
Wine yo waist slow, wine it frisky
Am right before you, go to sleep
Mi just push mi hands right before the sheets
From mi lock you down there is no retreat
Gyal you hot till you a over heat

(Repeat Chorus)

Wine yo, wine yo hips for me
Like da f**k yah a go meck history
Yo pu**y wet feel slippery
Wa shi do next is a mystery
Cause girl your perfect
You always worth it
You deserve it
The way yo work it
Caue you earned it, yob earned it
You earn, you earned it