Elle Varner – Birthday Ft. 50 Cent [New Music]

Here’s a big one from Elle Varner featuring 50 Cent entitled “Birthday.” The track getting some heavy rotation since it was released and the numbers kept climbing.

A ni**a hustle around the streets to keep the paper straight
Legal or illegal, I do what it take
Shawty she the s**t, you know she put it down
Make a ni**a always wanna be around
I blow that paper in La Perla then rip the s**t when we at it
For her I’m a fanatic, I happen to be her habit
We have the same temperament, hell yeah when we’re intimate
Blindfolds, butterflies, BGS and restraints
50 shades of 50, yeah, we freaky when ya ain’t
Lights off, she get erotic with glow in the dark paint
I’m like give it to me baby, she know how I like it, boy

Elle Varner – Birthday Ft. 50 Cent Lyrics

Listen full track below.