ASAP Rocky – Excuse Me Lyrics

For all them hoes that was fronting on ni**a’s back in the days, man
This for my broke jiggy ni**a’s
You know what I’m saying?
Excuse me, f**k out my face
They say wealth is in the mind, not the pocket
I learned that from a very wise man

(Verse 1)
Okay excuse me, Mr. Bill Collector, I got problems
My check arrive manana, I’ma pay my debt, I promise
I spent 20 thousand dollars with my partners in Bahamas
Another 20 thousand dollars on Rick Owens out in Barneys
I said excuse me, why the f**k you looking? What’s your problem?
I swear we gon have drama if you touch my tailored garments
All you see is ni**a’s here, so that means it’s triggers there
What you mean? We got weed, and codeine and bricks for sale
I bet a lot of ni**a’s plotting so you know I got that heater, bruh
Drive my side of Harlem, catch me riding with my nina, bruh
She got an apple bottom that remind you of Bonita, bruh
Oh you mean like Q-Tip? Now that girl my new b**ch
Excuse me, no, I believe the proper term’s excuse you
I could switch up on you ni**a’s and start s**tting if I choose to
That’s when the new you becoming different since they knew you
I guess the new me is just gon take some getting used to

Excuse me, I tell them they’re excused
What’s the word around town, tell me what’s the latest news
And uh, who them ni**a’s, I tell ’em we them dudes
Ain’t got time to make excuses bruh we steady making moves
And I, run the game even when they bend the rules
I pay very close attention after that I pay my dues
And uh, excuse me, may I be excused?
Cause I gave this sh*t my all, ain’t got nothing left to lose

(Verse 2)
Tell me why these little ni**a’s talking like they killas, bruh
Nowadays these ni**a’s always caught up in they feelings, bruh
But I stay 100 cause you know I keep it trilla, bruh
Mobbin like 2Pacalypse or Bishop how I Hit Em Up
Fill em up with lyrics, bury all my victims, kill ’em
Dig em up again, to say I did it
Snitch, excuse me, mind your business, bruh
Swear that you could get it, girl
She a fashion killa, huh? Killa girl, I’m a go getter, she get it, girl
Flacko, where you been? I’ve been thugging with my ni**a’s, bruh
Flacko, how you been? I’m still thugging with my ni**a’s, bruh
Flacko, where you been? I’ve been thugging with my ni**a’s, bruh
Flacko, how you been? I’ve been thugging with my
Bugging with my ni**a’s, go slugging
Tell me who f**king with my ni**a’s
Who run it, my ni**a’s, f**k the fussing, they bucking and bussing
Now ni**a’s slump over Robitussin in public
Cup full of purple substance or something
My ni**a’s, the only thing that move me
Excuse me

(Repeat Chorus)