Lutan Fyah – Bad A Road Lyrics

Screw face and bend up
When mi si dem mi feel like
Curse cho man
What a thing

(Verse 1)
Alright some seh dem bad a road
Dem a bwoy a dem yard
Mi find out seh dem a fraud
69 a dem card

Dem a bad a road
Dem a bwoy a dem yard

Joe grin wear out him shirt and him shorts
Split up him girlfriend inna two half

Mi naw laugh wid no bwoy weh have 2 face
Mouth cyaa was out wid tooth paste
None a dem no bad like mi shoes lace
Anytime dem get a girl is when shi need a new face

Mi know dem have 2 face
Worst dem a move like fruit cake
And a gwaan like jing bang suit case
Mi haffi cut and paste caw dem mind inna loose state

(Verse 2)
Jess, Crucky and Raggy
Him a bad up everybody
Him a mussi mad somebody
Bad up and cabby seh fi hurry
If him reach home late him haffi sleep out a door wid shaggy
Or him girlfriend choke him wid the brazzy
This likkle laddy weh grow up wid him granny
A walk a road a disrespect decent somebody
Mi naw let dem inn no sorry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem slack, dem style no shot
Dem a easy push over man a ofter shock
Yes a who shoot first a no who meck chat
Yuh better get flat, try no dis the Rass
Inform mariwada set on yo pot
Si seh joe run yo yard so yo just puck
Hi man put on yo slippers and wear out yo hat
Ants inna yo milk like that

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)