Kid Ink – Ring Ring ft. Lil Durk, Lil Reese & Bricc Baby Lyrics

You dig what the f**k we saying
Reese I swear to God I’m stuck on this million but I don’t ?
Aye Durk, Ink, OTF, Batgang
Let’s get it

(Chorus – Lil Durk)
I’m getting money, I’m f**king hoes, turnt out right now
These ni**a’s be mad at me, I’ma flex right now
Ride up on me, got a Glock 40, got it up up right now
These ni**a’s ain’t worried about it, ain’t worried right now
Ring, ring, ring ring
Check out my bling, bling, bling, bling
I do my thing, thing, thing, thing
I’m pouring lean, lean, lean, lean

(Verse 1 – Bricc Baby Sh*tro)
I’m double cupped, off mud, Molly got me geeked up
Percs, Xans and lean boy, I’m on six different drugs
Call me Shi**y Montana, AKA the plug
Ni**a try to rob me, he f**ked around and catch them slugs
It goes ding, ding, ding, ding, chest, head and spleen
.40 with the blue beam have em leaning like a dope fiend
VVS my bezel, man my chain and wrists on bling
I’m getting money like f*** a bi**h
Got diagnosed with gangrene

(Verse 2 – Kid Ink)
Right now, think I might be on bullsh*t
Right now, pull up in that all white cool whip
Right now, right now I’m smoking on that piao, piao
I’ll never hit a drought
Pocket full of money I don’t ever wanna count
Ring, Ring, Ring, that’s your girl saying she lost
I send that ping, ping, ping, then turn that Android right off
I gotta take care of my team cuz it get lonely at the top
I know that you see everything that we on
Ain’t s**t cropped out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3: Lil Durk)
My lil ni**a’s they ready to kill
They shooting for names, we shooting for real
Killing for deals, but I been inside take an L on that
Breitling, I can’t lie, sipping the lean
OTF the dream team, you ain’t gang gang
Chain hang snatch what bengal, Day Date
Blood bath for my city ni**a I’ma king
Money, power, respect, in my city I’m part of that
Like Payton Manning, that trap
I’m bringing all quarters back
Now water whip, F the law like a Forgi grill
40 sit, knocking out his grill
Need a hundred mill and I’ll never squeal
B**ch I’m gang

(Verse 4 – Lil Reese)
You can’t even claim what we claim
Got a lotta ni**a’s like to gang bang
OTF, 300 different gangs
OTF, 300 same gang
Get your chain snatched if your chain hang
The most dangerous block is my gang
And I can’t forget the old gang, OBlock
And I can’t forget where I came
And I can’t forget what I saw
But I’ll never tell what I saw
Had to run out for that saw
That’s why always screaming f**k the law
Still riding around getting it off
Glock 40 on me go off
If he a stank take em off, need that

(Repeat Chorus)