Gunplay feat. YG Wuzhanindoe Lyrics

(Chorus – Gunplay & YG
Me and my dogs in this bi**h like whoop
Jumping off the wall like whoop
Money on the floor like whoop
F**k with me you gon get your ass whooped
Like waz haning doe? Waz haning doe?
Waz haning doe? Girl, waz haning?
Like waz haning doe? Waz haning doe?
Like waz haning doe? Ni**a waz haning?

(Verse 1 – Gunplay)
A ni**a riding clean 7 tray Chevrolet
Double up on the triple beam everyday
Handgun right here, AK on the way
She charge for the pu**y? That’s cool, I don’t pay
Riding up and down the block looking for the thots
I’m a street sweeper, now go and get the mops
What it do? What it is? Motherf**k what it was
Gunplay, ni**a, and you know what it does
Shots fired, probably one of us
Fire fire, laid him down in his dust
You ain’t my dog, I don’t know you, get the f**k on
Or I’ma be the ni**a that you ran out of luck on

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Gunplay)
Ain’t no games getting played right here
Ain’t no hoes getting saved right here
Ni**a talking bout he opened shop, huh?
But ain’t no money getting made right here
From the south to the west make them bow to the best
Burned a bunch of money and I’m digging up the rest
Got a snow bunny and I broke her for a check
One cent short and I’ma choke her on her neck
Drop bombs on your mom, f**k car alarms
Tats on my face, back, belly, leg, arms
Black bottle busta, can’t knock my hustle
Chopper on my dresser, get it popping, ni**a, what’s up?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – YG)
Walked in this b**ch like waz haning
I’m from west side Bompton, what’s bracking?
In high school you was a bi**h, why you actin?
You know I’m bi**h ni**a bashing with a passion
You tried to ride on a ni**a that’s a bi**h move
But every punch I throw I swear I hit you
Oh yeah, I’m thirsty, don’t let me hold a pistol
Be at your doorstep like LA Times when it’s an issue
I need to gut a bi**h, never gonna tell her s**t
Don’t give a f**k, when I come home she swallow d*ck
She know I make that cake so she take my case
But try to talk to her she will probably break your face

(Repeat Chorus)

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