Chan Dizzy – Kush Clouds Lyrics

One bills bag is not enough
Mi nuh smoke bush a wa do you
Hey blood a sweet liquor
Pass mi phone meck mi call mi dealer

Some high grade ganja is all I need
Beg you send a pound fast for me and all my peeps
Mi need the herbs fi level all these thoughts I pree
And Mi nuh know no one weh burn it hard like me

Am surrounded by cush clouds, Yeahaeaah!
Am surrounded by cush clouds

(Verse 1)
From the hills of Afghanistan
It’s a ceremonial tradition
Recognize by King Salamon
And trust to criminalized by babylon
Ganja man nuh join the falitic
Lically in a mi challisy
The knowledge given by the marijuana

Nuh tell mi bout a dirty habit
Who nuh like the cranics
Was given to we by the holy father
More OG, more boba cush
Mi rather hold mi nas
Than fi go burn a bush
Mi love the herbs but mi friends a weed lovers to
Tell coco mi nuh waan si none a you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Weed works a gwaan yah suh
That a smart labor
Weed, czars, hot grabber, raw paper
Cho house in a dollars smoking all flavors
Sweet cannabis, what a gift the law gave us
20 4 7 everyday a 4 20
If you left yo spliff mi wi done hi don’t temp mi
Like Lista Mackintosh you know mi smoke plenty
Meck mi brain so deadly
Mi answer every time Mary Jane a call
Just low the crack cause mi nuh waan si no cocaine at all
A the healing a the nation whole place a bwal
Please excuse mi meck mi take a draw

(Repeat Chorus)