Munga – Find Out Lyrics

Dem soon find out
Some bwoy seh dem bad
But dem soon find out
A seh dem a the dads
But dem soon find out
A seh dem run the place
But dem soon find out
Oh yo love trace
Yo soon find out

Jay sound no take talk
Yo soon find out
Red hills road, cashoo park
Yo soon find out
Common, ackee walk
Yo soon find out
Grands pen
Yo soon find out

(Verse 1)
Guess who a run the place mi find out
This year a me a set the place
Mi find out
Thugs dem ready fi busss face
Mi find out
Lawyer ready fi buss case
Mi find out
No mi no chat and mi no chase
Mi find out
Pay hot gyal deh pon the bass
Mi find out
Snaily a meck up unu face
Ever have supn paw mi waist
Yo waan find out

Mix meck dem hear hi, so mi talk clearly
Badder than worst but treated unfairly
Never step lose although some bwoy fear mi
Keep a couple girls
Have a couple dawgs near mi
Hot again a no if but are maybe
NAw suffer fi some selector naw play mi
Do mi thing weekly, monthly and yearly
Meck money daily

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Money haffi meck and that a wa mi crew know
Have allot a woman yea a so mi crew grow
Every girl a tell mi seh dem love the new flow
Seh Monga hot again, the whole a unu soon know
Do mi thing from morning to evening
Father pow respect hight to the sealing
Sleep wid the red oily
Mi si long kert riley
Matterhorn, foota hype, bum bum and richie feeling
Hard rime bastic sustain go hard
Monga seh hot foot hill top record
Capleton get respect and regard
Mi love give thanks to the lord

(Repeat Chorus)