Meek Mill – Miss My Dawgs ft. Travi$ Scott & Strap Lyrics

(Chorus – Meek Mill & Strap Da Fool 2X)
I miss my dawgs
I miss my dawgs
And they killed my little ni**a
Man I wish that I was there when that sh** popped off
And who would’ve thought, I’d ever get that call
So I’m out here riding with my ni**a’s, and we sliding, letting s**t pop off

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
They killed Chinx Drugz in his own city
They killed Lil Snupe in his own city
Wonder why I don’t be in my own city
I don’t know if ni**a’s gone clap for me or going to kill me
Still living lavish and they still wonder why I act savage
All these guns are automatics
Still gonna murder these ni**a’s that want to have it
Before they have me miss my son’s football practice
F*** y’all ni**a’s that killed Lil Snupe
And when we run into y’all ni**a’s we gone kill y’all too
I still pray every young ni**a feel that coupe
Cause young ni**a’s feel like me, I feel like you
Fifty shades of grey, want to do me like Freddie
I pray to god, load my chopper, tell them ni**a’s I’m ready
I’m riding round with my squad, it’s Pmon and Omelly
I got Dean in the cut, my ni**a Coon be so heavy
We got to make it back home tonight
So f**k the law, we brought the chrome tonight
Cause the cops won’t save you, you alone tonight
So tell a young ni**a am I wrong or right

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
Sometimes I miss my dad, I wish he could see me now
Rolls Royce, he wouldn’t believe me now
The way I took my mom out the hood, got Tweety round
From the jects to the burbs, I wish you could meet me now
But you died before he was even round
But I set him straight though, look who he be around
And he sticks with the kids where they really play soccer
When he could’ve been a ni**a on the corner with a chopper
You the one that taught me how to hold my hands before they got you
So I’mma fight hard for the fam until they pop us, till they rock us
You ain’t even get to meet my son Papi
He’s three now, and he be asking where his grandpop is
You see now, they talk us down, see my fam shopping
Now see the brand new Benz and the brand new houses
Know you see these brand new friends, acting brand new, smiling
And I just got brand new bills, that’s brand new problems
And my old homie told on me, like damn you wyling
And that sh** you talk from jail don’t scare nobody
Cause you told, you dead now
And you know, ni**a walk with your head down

(Outro – Travi$ Scott)
Fly high, so high, fly high, so high
Fly high, so high, so long, goodbye
Fly high, so high, so long, goodbye
So high, so high, so long, goodbye