Fabolous – The World Is Yours (Freestyle) [New Music]

Fabolous drops new freestyle entitled “The World Is Yours.”

Ayo I can’t stop til I kill em now that’s dedication
You slow ni**a’s get .38 special education
You ask who the sickest and in need of medication
They ain’t gotta think too hard, ain’t no need for meditation
It’s me and my federation, flowing with steady pacing
I’m a nightmare on Fridays, call me Freddy Jason
I’m ill with it, sometimes I lay in bed like patients
But can’t sleep at night, the thoughts in my head are racing
Bout ni**a’s having runs and forget the Feds are patient
They jog behind ni**a’s when they out here cheddar chasing

Fabolous – The World Is Yours (Freestyle) Lyrics

Listen full track below.