Mavado – Think About Me Lyrics

Squeeze your pillow between your legs
And think about me
Think about me
When a night and a cold time
A the wood in a yo hole time
Gyal a you have the gold mine
Weh platinum and gold line

(Verse 1)
Yo think bout wi a f**k in a yo dream
And a me a turn it up in a yo scheme
And a me a meck yo wet like a stream
Yo man a talk but a bun you a gi him
When you si badman a fun you a gi him
A the supn wid the gum you a gi him
Short shorts and yo likkle draws lean
Sharlean a mussi fean you a fean

Pu**y picture a stream you a stream
Mi Niki Minaj queen you a queen
Gyal a bite paw mi neck and a scream
Put the anaconda in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Da f**k yah drive you crazy
You waan the f**k baby
Get mi drive you like mi mercadies
You waan be mi first lady
Beyonce and Jay Z
Wine fi mi likkle lady
Yo mussi splash in a milk and spring water
Pon yo body when you bathe hi

And every gyal pon the Gully and the Gaza
Have a body weh amaize mi
And if a ni**a rich and a mine fi him gyal
Fi him gyal haffi a pay mi
When you lock off the radio nuh waan hear mi sound
Fi you pickney a play me
And me would a never tell a gyal s**k supn
But yo still haffi obey me

(Repeat Chorus)