Suge Knight Object To Removing Tupac’s Bullet From His Head

Suge Knight has given his doctors a stern warning and that is do not touch the bullet fragment lodged in his head that he got from the infamous Tupac Shakur shooting.

The former Death Row Records head was driving the car that Tupac was murdered in back in 1996. One of the bullets grazed his head and a fragment has been lodged in his skull ever since.

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Fast forward to 2015 and Suge Knight is laying in a jail cell in Los Angeles awaiting trial for a murder.

The problem is, he is in bad shape and constantly passes out in court. TMZ has reported that doctors want to do an MRI but the bullet fragment keeps interfering with the machine.

Thus they want to perform a surgery to remove the bullet but Knight thinks its a bad idea because he might die from said surgery.

Suge Knight was charged with murder after he ran over one of his friend during a fight in Compton earlier this year.