Suge Knight Charged With Murder After Deadly Hit And Run

Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested and charged with murder following a deadly hit and run in Compton, California on Thursday.

TMZ was the first to report the incident that took place on a film set involving Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

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Eyewitnesses say Suge Knight drove up to the movie set on Thursday afternoon but was asked to leave by security. he then got into an argument with two men and that incident escalated.

Reports are that he jumped into his car and backed up into the men he had the argument with. One man was ran over and later died from his injuries. Cops say the car ran over the victim twice before it sped away with Knight behind the wheels.

Suge Knight arrest

The dead man has been identified as Terry Carter, a friend of Suge Knight who arrived on the scene with him. Two other men including actor Cle “Bone” Sloane were hit but sustained non life threatening injuries.

Suge Knight Surrendered To Cops

Cops later put out an arrest warrant for Suge Knight who later turned himself in to police.

Suge Knight lawyer, James Blatt, says his client was afraid for his life and in his attempt to speed away from the scene he accidentally hit and killed his friend.

Blatt told his client to surrender to the Sheriff department.


At minutes before 3 AM on Friday, Suge Knight surrendered to cops. He was taken into custody and after interrogations he was charged with murder.

Cops later found his truck abandoned in a parking lot. According to police officers, the former Death Row Records head was involved in two fights before committing the crime.

One of the men he hit was involved in one of the fights with Knight. Eyewitnesses say he backed up his car twice with the intentions to run over the men.


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  2. They finally got him it’s to bad someone had to die

  3. Karma hopefully coming for him at long long last! Lets see if he’s going to get away with this…accidential my ass!

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      of course he will beat it, murder is the easiest charge to beat.

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      • hes done a lotta good s* in his life, so i respect him- not anyones fan tho….but objectivly speaking, noone knows the true story,you know what media told you- and to accuse him and put him down without knowin so, is ignorant,
        yea he is a good man , and he does not deserve the bs. you could at least wait to know full story before jumpin the gun

      • maybe so…so we’ll wait and see….

      • saying that man shouldnt be judged before whole story is out is not being a ‘fan’ nor does it say i know him better than you; NOT knowing is what im emphesizing. sheep is person followin news, not person aware of options and possibilites.and even if you believe he was guilty of sh*t in the past, that still doesnt make him gulity in this case.
        noone has to know him personally to respect his work in the industry, that just speaks for itself.

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    • This guy is an idiot, stay away from trouble and you will be ok

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        suge is best in what he does, legend.you dont know the full story so dont judge.