Tommy Lee Sparta – Am I illuminati Lyrics

Spitting out the flow
Suh wi get whole heap a cash
Stepping up the game so we heading to the top

(Pre Chorus)
Why is everybody calling me illuminati
Why is everybody calling me illuminati

Am I illuminati?
I feel like illuminati
Ohh mama just pray for me
I feel like my soul is leaving me

(Verse 1)
Wake up this morning
Look in the mirror
I saw the reflection of a Fearo
Mi seh why pagans waan mi lost?
Him seh tell dem fi f**K off
Mi nuh play, Jamaica mi come from
My d**k the gyal dem a come pon
Have the thing dem a beat like a drum pan
Four corner fi govern the world
The undertaker overtake yo girl

Am a marsion, am a, am a marsion
Am a marsion suh just tek yo caution

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mine the dawgs dem eat yo dinner
Could a Benz Lexus or Beemer
Bullet up the car weh yo in a
Killas killing ni**a’s ever willing
Yow guns lock pon endz and never show
Chop off feat, chop off toe
Decomposed body in a ground watch it grow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Pre Chorus)